Why Terry Brooks Love Writing Fantasy Books About Elves?

Fantasy Literature Helps Resolve Life's Challenging Issues

Writing Fantasy Stories Needs Skill Just Like This Medieval Writer
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Many people think J.R.R. Tolkien inspired Terry Brooks. He read The Lord of the Rings in college. It inspired him to write epic fantasy. But it was not Tolkien who inspired him to write about elves. Brooks shares his secret with TEDx Talks.

Terry Brooks spoke in a conference TEDx Rainier in Seattle, Washington on November 10, 2012. The video was published on the TEDx Talks YouTube channel the next month. In this conference, Brooks shares the reason why he writes fantasy stories about elves. Listen and watch Terry Brooks in the video below.

Terry Brooks at TEDx Talks: The epic fantasy writer reveals his reason fro writing fantasy books about elves.

Terry Brooks has been writing fantasy books about elves since 1977. He made his debut as an epic fantasy writer with the release of New York Times bestseller, The Sword of Shannara. While Tolkien inspired his writing style, William Faulkner moved him to write about elves.

Terry Brooks at 2017 Phoenix Comicon
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Terry Brooks started writing since he was ten. He recalls his memories in this TEDx Talks conference. He says that writing about elves is not for the fainthearted. He credits J.K. Rowling for making the world safe for fantasy writers like him nowadays. But comments from the media challenged him.

Terry Brooks was a lawyer before he became a full-time author. People kept asking him. Why doesn’t he write legal thrillers like John Grisham since he is a lawyer? The comment disgusted him but he does not want to give in.

Legal thrillers is not the thing for Terry Brooks. He finds writing about elves more valuable. He explains that writing about elves helps him find the answers to life’s mysteries. Writing epic fantasy lets you give a more meaningful experience to your readers.

Terry Brooks writes what he wants to write. He has been an epic fantasy writer for more than thirty-five years and he continues to do so for the rest of his life.


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