Have you ever tried poking your fluffy, feline friend with a cucumber? Don’t even think it. It’s inhumane. Cats hate cucumbers. That long, green stuff scares the hell out of that poor animal. It can get you into trouble with animal welfare.

Why do cats hate cucumbers?

They don’t. Actually, they are scared of them. Cucumbers can scare your little fur ball. It sneaks up on them. But, they don’t know what it is. That is why it frightens them.

They think its a snake. Cats hate snakes. It bites them and it’s poisonous. Cucumbers look like snakes. Its long, green structure makes it look like snakes. So, cucumber scare cats.

Some people find it amusing. They even make videos of these cats. Intentionally, they nudge a cucumber to an innocent puss to capture that precious moment. Then, they share their video with their friends to get a good laugh. They just don’t realize the harm they caused on the poor, little creature.

The Cucumber Experiment

In most of these prank videos, those feline misfits place the cucumber behind the cat while the pussy eats its meal. Cats are pretty cautious animals. They always keep their guards up for anything that can harm them, even cucumbers.

When the cat sees the green cucumber lying on the floor behind, it alarms them. They didn’t expect that creature to be there. They thought they were already safe. Until, this snake-like fellow appeared before them. It threatens them. And so, the kitten freaks out.

Don’t be cruel. You may find it entertaining to see cats freaking out but it’s not a good joke. It can even cause you a lot more damage than you ever thought of. Startling a cat with a cucumber does not only hurt your pet, it can also damage your home or even hurt others around them.


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