Anyone would love to eat doughnuts in Las Vegas after the Pacquiao versus Thurman fight. These hungry spectators will be on a sugar rush after all that action in the arena. The city houses plenty of amazing doughnut shops to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Eating doughnuts in Las Vegas is a sweet adventure. They serve doughnuts in a variety of wild and crazy flavours. You’ll never know what you’re going to get when you eat doughnuts in Las Vegas.

Five Places to Eat Doughnuts in Las Vegas

Let’s take a quick look at the five most famous doughnut shops in Las Vegas. Yelp featured them on their website, but you can find out here what each one has to offer. I bet this will make you want to eat doughnuts in Las Vegas.

  • PinkBox Doughnuts – Can you imagine a vanilla cake doughnut piled with rainbow buttercream frosting, white icing and edible glitter? PinkBox Doughnuts gives you all these and even more.
  • Donut Bar – Have you ever heard of the Big Poppa Tart? This big selection of doughnuts made Donut Bar a favourite doughnut shop in Las Vegas. Anyhow, this doughnut shop also offers vegan options.
  • Coco Donuts – This is a unique kind of doughnut shop. They offer this one-of-kind type of doughnut that you’ll surely enjoy. It combines the crunchy texture of the croissant and the sweet glaze of traditional doughnuts.
  • Dee’s Donuts – If you happen to be in a shopping centre in Las Vegas, you’ll find this humble doughnut shop. With a friendly staff and inexpensive selection, you will find a hidden gem in this quiet watering hole.
  • Real Donuts – If you want real doughnuts, then go to the Las Vegas Medical District. There you will find an inexpensive selection of fresh, traditional doughnuts to fill your empty stomach.

It doesn’t matter how your doughnuts in Las Vegas. There is a whole variety of these sweet rolls to choose from in Sin City.


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