The Russians made America purchase Alaska to carry out a peace deal between the two nations. They signed the treaty on March 30, 1867. The United States bought Alaska from Russia for the amount of 7.2 million dollars. It added more than 580,000 square miles to the country’s territory.

Russian Made America Purchase Alaska

Russians used to occupy a significant part of North America during the 17th century. But the region was somewhat difficult to defend against the British or any foreign power. The land remained largely uninhabited. It served little economic purpose for their country. So they decided to sell the desolate place.

As the nation sought to reform their country to compete with other powers in Europe, Russia was facing problems. In the 1850s, it was still recovering from its defeat in the Crimean War. The country needed funds to restore their land. Hence, Emperor Alexander II decided to sell Alaska. He held bidding for the territory. The highest bidder gets to purchase Alaska.

There Were No Regrets

When America purchased Alaska, they gave it its Aleut name, “Alaska”. The Russians also used that name to describe the Alaskan peninsula. A few of these hung around the area for a while. But, eventually, they returned to their motherland.

A rumour spread across the entire United States. It held that when the Russians made America purchase Alaska, the Americans were not happy. All that, however, was a myth. The land is rich in natural resources. The new territory eventually became a valuable asset to the country. Hence, America recognized it as its 49th state on January 3, 1959.


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