What does “Jay” in Jaywalking means?

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Jay was once slang for “foolish person.” So when a pedestrian ignored road indicators, he was known as a jaywalker or jaywalking.

The phrase jaywalk is just not traditionally impartial.It’s a compound phrase derived from the phrase jay, an inexperienced particular person and a curse phrase that originated within the early 1900s, and walk.No historic proof supports an alternative folk etymology by which the phrase is traced to the letter “J” (characterizing the route a jaywalker would possibly observe).

Whereas jaywalking is related to pedestrians at the moment, the earliest references to “jay” habits on the street have been about horse-drawn carriages and vehicles in 1905 Kansas: “jay drivers” who didn’t drive on the suitable aspect of the road.The time period swiftly expanded to pedestrians, and by 1909, The Chanute Each day Tribune warned “The jay walker wants consideration in addition to the jay driver, and is about as large a nuisance.”

The phrase was promoted by pro-automobile pursuits within the 1920s, in accordance with historian Peter D. Norton.

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Initially, the authorized rule was that “all individuals have an equal proper within the freeway, and that in exercising the suitable every shall take due care to not injure different customers of the best way”. In time, nevertheless, streets turned the province of motorized site visitors, each virtually and legally. Vehicle pursuits within the US took up the reason for labeling and scorning jaywalkers within the 1910s and early 1920s, by then the sooner time period of “jay driver” was declining in use.The earliest quotation within the Oxford English Dictionary follows in 1917.


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