We can jump up to 3 times higher on Mars

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That’s right! You would be able to jump more than three times higher on Mars than what you can achieve on Earth. This means that if you can jump five inches off the ground on Earth, then you’ll be able to achieve slightly more than fifteen inches on Mars.

If you are fit like an athlete, then you may even be able to jump around 16 feet which would mean one and a half floor. However, you should remember that this is the jumping in one position. If you take a running start, then you may be able to achieve more lift and distance.

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Image credit: doordieathleticsacademy.com

Putting air friction aside which is much lower on Mars than Earth, you can come to a rough estimate of how far you can jump on Mars. However, you will also have to put into consideration that your way of executing the jump will play a role in your performance. Just as the running speed you build in a thin atmosphere with low gravity is another thing worth considering.

For someone who is a truly fit individual like our long jump athletes, this number would be even higher. For instance, long jump athletes can usually achieve about 30 feet on Earth. This means that they may be able to achieve three times as much on Mars.

Why can we Jump Higher on Mars?

The reason why you can jump higher and travel more distance with a running start because of the gravitational force on Mars. A planet’s gravitational force is proportional on its mass. Earth has approximately three times more mass than Mars.

This means that the gravity on Earth is three times stronger than Mars too. Because the gravity on Mars is less, you’ll be able achieve higher lift there with the same kind of force. For instance, an aeroplane will require 40 percent less power on Mars to take off than it needs on Earth.


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