Animal cruelty puts a five-year prison sentence on people convicted of the crime in the new law. This law applies to citizens of England and Wales. The Parliament Bill comes from the Environmental Secretary Michael Gove. He wanted to raise the maximum period of six months. This bill complements Finn’s Law, which provides more protection for dogs and horses.

Gove said the new law would bring some of the most stringent penalties in Europe for animal cruelty. Fighting with dogs, abuse of puppies and kittens, as well as gross neglect of farm animals, will incur such penalties. The courts in Europe had indicated that they had wanted to hand down a longer sentence but they were not available.

No Place for Animal Cruelty

“There is no place for animal cruelty in our country,” Gove said. Hence, the new law places the harshest sentences on people found guilty of the crime. The minister wants to make sure that people who abuse animals face the full force of the law.

This new Animal Welfare Bill of England and Wales builds on other government actions to protect animals. It includes plans to ban the sale of puppies and kittens. It even goes the extra mile of prohibiting circus owners from using wild animals in their acts. As a milestone in the government’s fight against animal cruelty, the bill receives astounding support from animal welfare groups.

The Heroic German Shepherd

In support of the country’s efforts to fight animal cruelty, a police officer and his dog appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. In 2016, this police officer had a dramatic experience with this dog. The heroic German shepherd protected him from criminal assailants. After this attack, the police officer began campaigning for the animal welfare law.

The police officer wanted to raise awareness of animal cruelty. Hence, he brought his dog to the variety show with a magic act. Their performance brought the judges to tears. The pair made it to the finals, and the parliament named a law after this heroic canine.


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