You don’t need to be Japanese to find the best NYC ramen places. New York City’s obsession with ramen shows no signs of stopping, which means the city is vibrant with options. To help you avoid limp noodles and bland broths, we’ve rounded up the very best ramen in New York, including under-the-radar slurp shops, and old reliables. Whether it’s a milky, china-white tonkotsu bone broth or a top-notch tantan you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Shigetoshi “Jack” Nakamura saw mass success in Japan after opening his ramen-ya, Namanura-ya, at age 22. He made his culinary debut as the chef-in-residence of Sun G.

Long Island native Ivan Orkin travelled to Japan to learn the craft of ramen and became one of the most recognized chefs in the country. Upon his return to the United States, he opened two ramen-yas in New York: The Slurp Shop, located on the Gotham West market of Hell’s Kitchen, and Ivan Ramen on the Lower East Side.

Minca is one of the best NYC ramen places that preceded the ramen craze. The tiny ramen-ya menu includes about 15 options like chicken, vegetables, seafood and tonkotsu broth. The best choice is Minca Sio: a salt and roasted garlic flavoured bowl, garnished with stewed pork strips and vegetables. You can choose from five different noodle styles for your ramen (thick, thin, wavy, whole wheat or gluten-free beans). Wavy noodles better capture the rich garlic broth. Do not miss the chef who ends your pork chashu to give it a nice smoky flavour.


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