While most people receive keys to the city for their heroic actions or career achievements, some people receive this award for a pretty strange reason. Here are a few of these famous identities.

California gives keys to the city to world's tallest cat
SCARLETT’S MAGIC standing tall. Leekimbud [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]
  • Saddam Hussein – Who would have known that a notorious dictator would receive some keys to the city? But, he did. The ceremony took place in the City of Detroit in 1980. He received such honour for making a sizeable donation to a local church.
  • Santa Claus – As silly as it may seem, Detroit holds this ceremony every year. It awards the mythical Father Christmas for his generous deeds.
  • Glenn Beck – In Mount Vernon, Washington, this conservative talk show host received the honour on August 2009 for leading rallies that support of deploying troops to Iraq. It ended rallying up a crowd of eight hundred protesters.
  • Cher – Though it may not be shocking to see this well-known celebrity receive keys to the city, what she did with one of them makes her controversial. She disappointed a certain mayor in Australia for selling one of her brass keys on eBay.
  • Scarlett’s Magic – Of all the personalities mentioned in this list, this one is the most adorable. In California, the Guinness Book of World of Records recognised the world’s tallest cat. In 2011, they awarded such keys to the city to this Savannah breed of cats in the City of Corona.


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