The Latest Earthquake Report in Panama was made by a Robot

latest earthquake report made by a robot

Did you know that a computer program made the latest earthquake report on Tuesday? The L.A. Times developed the program. It generates stories of earthquakes detected by the USGS as quickly as possible. The editor reviews the story before publishing it.

On Tuesday evening, La Esperanza felt the tremors of magnitude 6.3 earthquake. It occurred at a depth of 6.2 miles. It is the first earthquake greater than 3.0 ever detected in the area. Quakebot detected no higher shocks in the last ten days.

Quakebots rely on sensors monitored by the USGS. This government agency sends out earthquake notices. The computer reviews these notices if they meet specific criteria. Then, it generates a draft article sent to the newsroom. A Times editor determines if the item is newsworthy for publishing the latest earthquake report.


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