The ICC champions trophy stands next to the Cricket World Cup in importance. In 1998, it began as a knockout match preceding the champion’s cup. The tournament took place in a single day. Hence, the organisers first called it the One-Day International Cricket tournament. They changed the name only in 2002.

ICC champions trophy official tournament logo

Played approximately every after four years, the ICC champions trophy serves to raise funds for the development of the game in non-test countries. The ICC held its first tournaments in Bangladesh and Kenya. However, India and England used it, later on, to generate revenue for the ICC. Massive commercial success brought the two nations to use it as a revenue generator.

The tournament involves all full members of the International Cricket Council. Hence, the international cricket league dubs it as the mini-World Cup. The games were initially planned to be a knockout tournament. In 2002, however, it tool on a round-robin format. Nevertheless, it was still short. It lasted only about two weeks.

Over the years, the number of competing teams has changed. Primarily, all full members took part in the ICC champions trophy. However, in 2000, the administrators stared involving associate members. In 2009, the ranked the teams and selected the top eight six months before the tournament began. Seven different countries held the competition since its inception. England hosted it three times.


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