Do you know the reasons dogs lick themselves or their owners? If you have a puppy, you always find yourself bathe with wet kisses from your little pooch. You love it. You enjoy the affection you get from your beloved canine friend.

But, did you ever why dogs love to lick their humans? We have listed here a few possible reasons dogs lick you. Have a quick look at it and see if you can agree.

Some Useful Reasons Dog Lick

Dogs don’t just lick other people but also their bodies. You can also see mother hounds beat their young. In turn, the young puppies lick their mothers to show respect. Mother mongrels lick their young to demonstrate superiority. On the other hand, puppies lick their mothers to show subordination. Those are two astounding reasons dogs lick themselves.

Another one of those strange but useful reasons dogs lick their bodies is to heal their wounds. A dog’s saliva contains sterilising properties. So, if you see your pet licking its wounds, don’t stop the pooch. It’s their natural way of healing themselves. Rubbing your dog’s spit on your injuries, however, tells a different story. Your doctor wouldn’t recommend you doing that.

The Matter With Humans

When it comes to reasons dogs lick humans, it’s a different matter. When your dog comes running towards you, they always come to lick you. But, why is that? Well, admit. You like it when your favourite furball comes to lick your face.

If no one is watching or you are not ashamed, go ahead and lick your hand. It could be salty with a little sweat or something. Anyway, your skin probably does not taste as if nothing was wrong. If your dog puts its tongue on you, it is probably interested in your taste. Maybe you have good taste? Nothing to fear. Unless you wake up and your lab has your finger in your mouth, you can make phone calls.


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