As Indonesians continues to fight the colossal bush fires ravaging their land, thick gray clouds cover the Southeast Asian skies. The sun hides itself behind those clouds. But, there is no sign of a pelting rain.

What is happening here? Why isn’t the rain coming? That is the question that demands an explanation. The Herculean haze in Indonesia does not seem to relent. The Indonesian government struggles to find the right solution, this recent report shows.

The Indonesian authorities opted to use the cloud seeding method to put off the forest fires. As the soil where these bush fires are taking place consist largely of flammable peat, they find it extremely difficult to extinguish the fire. Indonesia needs heavy, continuous rainfall from the Southeast Asian skies to quench the flames. The question is, how do they do that?

Cloud seeding answers that question. This artificial method of making rain first came out in an experiment in the mid 1940s. Dr. Vincent J. Schaefer studied the formation of clouds for General Electric when he discovered this rare phenomenon. Subsequently, humans started using this process to modify weather conditions for their benefit.


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