France will host the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023. It will be the tenth world championship series for the sport. Perhaps the 200th anniversary of the invention of the game inspired the French people to sponsor the event. The series will take place from September 8 until October 21 of that year. But, rugby historians discount the story as mere folklore.

The Boy Who Started Rugby

Rugby World Cup 2023 William Ellis plaque

Reverend William Webb Ellis holds the plaque for the infamous origin of the game of rugby. He was a pupil at the Rugby School in England. While still a pupil at this school, he became famous for creating the ‘rugby’ style of play. Although it was a violation of the rules of the game, the boy’s hilarious story sowed the seeds to the origin of a new sport.

During a school football match in 1823, little William allegedly picked up the ball and ran for a touchdown attempt. That was a violation of the original football game. But, the Rugby School became famous for this new kind of play. Although there is no clear evidence that Ellis’ action led to the development of a new game, the champions received the William Webb Ellis Cup in each series. In the Rugby World Cup 2023, we can expect to see such award given to whichever team wins the final match.

How to Make It to Rugby World Cup 2023

Twenty teams will soon compete at the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. World Rugby chose the French Rugby Federation to host the event in 2023. The French won the bid over Ireland and South Africa. They plan to hold its finale at the Stade de France. Teams who will make it to the top three in 2019 Rugby World Cup automatically qualifies a spot in the French event.


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