Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors Game Changer

Raptors vs. Golden State Game 3 Goaltending Violation
A tweet from the Official NBA Referees caught the attention of NBA Fans about a goaltending violation in the Raptors vs. Golden State game.

NBA Referees’ tweet on Raptors vs. Golden State is trending on the Internet. It speaks about a goal tending violation by the Raptors against Golden State. Fans are complaining about the many missed calls by referees in the game.

Golden State Warriors in Trouble

Could the Golden State Warriors won over the Raptors with goal tending? In the official NBA Rulebook, an offended team can be awarded points if the violation happens at the opponent’s basket. But point is given if both teams violated. The play shall resume with a jump ball between any two opponents in the game at the center circle.

The Warriors sailed in hot waters in Game 3 of the Raptors vs. Golden State match in the NBA Finals. Key offensive players are out injured. Players from the Golden State committed fouls one after the other. Andrew Bogut made his third and Marc Gasol picked up his second in the the second quarter of the game. Golden State’s Bogut faced foul trouble with the Raptor’s Danny Greene. It’s a fairly ugly stretch of basketball between the Raptors and the Golden State Warriors.

The Rules of Basketball

The official name for goaltending in the NBA is basket interference. It the violates a rule in basketball. As the NBA referees in the Raptors vs. Golden State game tweeted, a defender cannot block a field goal attempt after it has hit the backboard provided it still has a chance to score. A former amateur basketball referee named Andrew Rei answered a similar question on Quora. He explains the difference between a violation and foul in basketball. This NBA fan asserted that goal tending is a violation and not a foul.

A foul can disqualify a player from a the game. NBA Referees count the number of fouls a player commits within the game. The player gets fouled out by the NBA referees upon reaching the maximum number of fouls allowed for. Coaches could no longer have them in the game. Coaches can allow as many violations for a player before taking him to the bench.


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