Project Blue Book: US Government Once Hunted For Alien Existence

Image credit: NY Times

Alien Life and Extraterrestrial Phenomena. These topics may mostly be ridiculed by lot of us but, believe it or not, these were once taken seriously, especially by the government.

The government event went so far as to designating a project for this, run by the USA Air Force, that specialised in pinpointing unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and figuring out their objective. This endeavor was often known as Project Blue Book.

Based on authorities paperwork launched underneath the Freedom of Information Act, Project Blue Book ran formally from 1952 to 1969. Although the details of Project Blue Book have been launched to the general public, there stays a certain quantity of unknown mystery surrounding the occasions, fueling conspiracy theories and casting a veil of doubt over any actual details that stand out.

To differentiate truth from fiction is, depending on your source, quite impossible. Nevertheless, two issues are constantly conveyed as truth: that the mission aimed to a.) decide if UFOs had been a menace to nationwide safety, and b.) to scientifically analyze any and all collected UFO-related information.

Project Blue Book Findings

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All through the 17 years that it operated, Project Blue Book collected 12,618 UFO experiences. 11,917 of them had been defined away as the results of cloud protection obscuring plane lights, labeled Airforce coaching workout routines, or mirages within the deserts of the southwestern United States.

Nevertheless, to conspiracy theorists delight, 701 of these instances stay “unsolved.” Whether or not the researchers didn’t have time to unravel them, or whether or not they actually had been aliens flying overhead, stays unknown.

The official findings of Project Blue Book claimed that 4 issues influenced UFO sightings:

  1. Mass hysteria among the many American folks.
  2. People hoping to suggest a hoax for the sake of fame.
  3. Psychopathological individuals.
  4. Misidentification of standard objects.

To sum it all up, Project Blue Book , while sparking curiosity within the existence of UFOs, claimed to have solved all the underlying mysteries and concluding it all to be a part of natural occurences or phenomena.

However, US Airforce may say so that that the conclusion from the Project Blue Book is true, it is quite inevitable to still ask: Are we actually alone within the universe?


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