The popular German festival began as early as the 1800s. It all started when the Crown Price Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony. On the 12th October in 1810, Munich residents gathered on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the royal wedding. They named the fields Theresienwies to honor the crown princess. But, the locals call it “Wies’n”. That was the first Oktoberfest in Munich.

Citizens of Munich held horse races before the Royal Family during that event. It marked the close of the royal ceremony. But, the entire Bavarian state decided to repeat the tradition in the following year. This decision led to the famous German tradition.

In 1811, the state continued the Munich Oktoberfest with a new feature. They started their first Agricultural show. It was held to promote Bavarian agriculture. The horse races flourished for a while. But eventually, it lost its fame. Oktoberfest in Munich no longer held horse races nowadays.

As the festival progressed, very few amusements existed. They had a carousel, two swings and a few beer stands to quench people’s thirst. Because Germans love beer, those beverage stands rapidly grew in number. In 1896, breweries began supporting the merchants. They replaced those beer stands with larger tents to sell their beers. Over the years, the Oktoberfest grew to become a famous trade turf in Germany.


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