Everyone knows Tommy Lee Jones in ‘Men in Black’. He played the staunch Agent K side-by-side with Will Smith. The amicable duo made a blockbuster out of the film series. He and Smith both starred in all three sequels of the MIB. But, does anybody remember that stark head of the galactic detective agency?

A Shocking Report for an Amazing Performance

The agents call him Zed, and you can see him supervising aliens living on planet earth. The academy award winner, Rip Torn, played his character. The actor is making headlines in the news recently. But, he’s not chasing aliens anymore. The story will instead make you sad.

The New York Times recently featured the actor in their news portal. However, they placed him in an unlikely section in the tabloid. You will find the article in the obituaries section of the New York Times online. In this article, the New York Times reporter wrote that the brilliant actor died on Tuesday in his home in Connecticut. He was eighty-eight years old.

Although plagued by his reputation as an out-of-control troublemaker, people honour Rip Torn for his outstanding performances. He played diverse roles such as Walt Whitman, Richard Nixon and Judas Iscariot. But, he earned his greatest fame as the gruff, bullying producer on one of the most acclaimed television comedies in the 1990s.

Who Is Tommy Lee Jones?

Well, as mentioned, he played the promising Agent K in the movie, “Men in Black”. He also became famous as the infamous two-faced villain in the Batman film series. The American actor and filmmaker received several Academy awards and nominations. He won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the 1993 thriller film.

Jones is best known for portraying characters as FBI Agents, military men and cowboys. You will often see him as a wretched villain in most films.


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