If you want real MLB live updates, then go to the official MLB website. It’s the best place to find veritable streams of information about Major League Baseball. They have an MLB library which holds the most significant baseball footage in the world. However, you may need to pay a certain amount to gain access to these films.

Although not an MLB live footage, recent news featured Cleveland Indians’ All-star Player, Carlos Carrasco. In this video, Cleveland’s knuckleballer revealed in an interview with a Dominican Republic television network. Mandy Bell covers the whereabouts of the Indians for MLB. She reported about Carrasco’s condition. The athlete is fighting against chronic myeloid leukemia.

Recent video coverage of an Indian’s game captured a dramatic display of affection from Carrasco’s teammates. The video features four Indian hurlers standing on the field with Carrasco in between them. They held little placard signs saying, “I Cookie”. Likewise, Carrasco held another placard sign saying, “I stand”. The crowd loudly cheered them on.

This placard moment is not new to Major League Baseball. It is the league’s unique way of supporting the fight against cancer. Since 2011, in its Midsummer Classic, the club has been featuring these extraordinary in-game flicks. The officials stop the game to honour a person who has been affected by the disease. Eventually, MLB live streams capture these dramatic events.

“Cookie” is a by-name for the Cleveland Indian’s All-Star pitcher. That is how they fondly call Carlos Carrasco.


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