Did you miss seeing the Pacquiao versus Thurman live press conference? Well, don’t worry. Videos about it abound the world wide web. It’s easy to find one online. In fact, here’s one live stream posted in one of the leading news network in the Philippines.

A Video Presenting the Champions

The video opens with the familiar sound of a ring announcer summoning a contender in the actual boxing match. As the anchorman pronounced the boxer’s name, funky music dramatically played in the background. The camera zooms into the right side of the stage and Keith Thurman slowly comes out of his hiding place. Marching towards center stage, he gently raised his clenched fists towards the audience.

After a few minutes of having Thurman stand before the crowd with the iconic battle pose, the announcer spoke up once again. This time, it’s for Manny Pacquiao. There was a quick silence after he mentioned Pacman’s name. There was no fancy music. Instead, a video recording featuring Pacquiao’s voice was played.

Watch Pacquiao versus Thurman live

The recording stopped and the broadcaster sounded again. He introduced the living legend with his past achievements. The camera zooms in on Thurman as the audio recording played. Then, it zooms out and pans to the right of the stage. Manny stands cool and confident in his grey businessman’s suit. He had his hands in his pocket as the announcer pronounced his past awards. The camera captured the grimacing world boxing champion.

Pacman makes his way up the stage and faces his contender. Together, the held their clenched fist forward to make the iconic battle pose. Some netizens commented that Thurman looked rather scrawny. His fans are getting worried while Pacquiao’s supporters remain full of hope. They firmly believe that Manny will be able to take Thurman out in their upcoming fight on Sunday. If you don’t have the luxury of going to Las Vegas to see him fight, then you can join the many fans who will watch a Pacquiao versus Thurman live stream on pay-per-view.


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