Kai Sotto – Future NBA Star


    Will Kai Sotto Be The First Filipino Born NBA Player?

    As early as now, He is already rated 24th first round pick by Golden State Warriors 2021 NBA Mock Draft.

    Kai Sotto who is in the US to further hone his craft clearly demonstrates that height is might in basketball. The 7’2” Kai continues to dominate the matches his Atlanta-based team, The Skills Factory, played in.

    Recently, Kai Zachary Sotto carried TSF(The Skills Factory) win 3 straight in a US basketball tournament, where he led his squad to the championship and won most valuable player.

    Also, top US NCAA schools are drawing interest. Kai has already visited the UK(University of Kentucky in Lexington), the school popular to have the most successful basketball program. It is the home of the famous Wildcats that have both the best all-time win and all-time winning percentage and is currently coached by John Capilari.

    Kai Sotto was also seen at Georgia Tech a day after his visit to the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

    Coach Dave Leitao of DePaul University in Chicago visited Sotto at home and talked with his family to deliver a more personal approach.

    Schools like Auburn, Nebraska, Southern Cal are some of the other programs showing interest in Sotto who has expressed interest in finding out if the Filipino is serious about playing college basketball. European teams have also expressed interest in Sotto playing for them.

    At home, Kai Sotto, a mainstay of the Philippines’ youth national teams, is an obvious shoo-in in the men’s national squad even before he turns 20.


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