Hitler Obsessed with Sweets!

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Most people probably don’t know this side of Hitler. Hitler had an obsession for anything sweet.

In the political history of humanity, Hitler could be considered a big sweet tooth. Here are some facts about Hitler’s obsessive sweet tooth!

Hitler’s Sweet Obsessions

Hitler cake
Image Source: tiumarevi.ga

Hitler Ate a ‘Fuhrer Cake’ before going to bed every single night. Before going to bed every night, Hitler would eat a this cake. Hitler’s staff were all instructed to leave out a special cake in his room every night, in order to suffice his sweet tooth.

This cake was made of apple with a lot of nuts and raisins in it. The cake was so well known amongst Hitler’s servants that it was named the ‘Fuhrer Cake’ by them.

Often times, Hitler would eat this cake late at night and go to sleep in the early hours of the morning. As a result, he wouldn’t wake up until late the next day. It’s quite a common thing for Hitler to wake up at two in the afternoon. And also,Hitler Put Sugar into His Red Wine. Hitler didn’t like the sour taste that is mostly present in all red wines.Regardless of how rare or high quality a wine was. Hitler would put sugar into a glass of wine till there was a little mound inside the glass so that Hitler could have wine. At the same time, you should know that Hitler didn’t have all that much alcohol. In fact, Hitler is actually known for avoiding alcohol on most occasions.

Hitler also loved Chocolate cookies and biscuits.Hitler’s diet is mostly comprised by a lot of sweets throughout his day. Even in his evening tea, Hitler liked either sweet chocolate scones or sweet chocolate biscuits. Hitler would have his tea in a special cup made by the Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory.

Even during Hitler’s pre-dictatorship days. There was a time when Hitler was poor and couldn’t hold onto to a steady job. Just like,In those days, Hitler experienced insufficiency of money and would survive on simple commodities consisting of bread, butter and milk.

This financial inability didn’t stop Hiter. Hitler loved sweets even then and would eagerly save to buy sweets like nut cake and poppy seed cake. On occassions where Hitler have abundance, he would either buy pastries or make a dish at home consisting of rice, milk, sugar and chocolate.


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