Although bush fires are quite frightening, haze in Indonesia does not surprise the authorities. It happens almost very year. Landowners burn these trees to clear the land for farming. Indonesia’s forestry and environmental ministry reported that authorities shutdown at least 42 of these sordid capitalists.

Police authorities in Indonesia arrested 185 people for allegedly starting forest fires. The Associated Press reported on Monday. The fumes from these wild fires spread all over neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. It alarms the people.

Many provinces declared a state of emergency due to haze in Indonesia. As the thick smoke from these forest fires cover skies, it caused flight delays in several airports in Indonesia and Malaysia. For the same reason, some parts of the country suspended classes in some schools.

The Indonesian government deployed more than 9,000 people to fight the bush fires. They wasted roughly 70 million gallons of water and 164 tons of salt to put off the fire. The fire burned more than 2.6 million hectares of land. The Word Bank estimated a 16-billion-dollar damage and death toll rose to 100,000 casualties. Authorities advised people to take precautionary measures to prevent health damage.


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