Have you ever heard of fruit salad trees? These are trees growing different fruits in one shrub. A certain farm in New South Wales grow these kinds of trees. These trees can grow more than six different types of fruits from the same family. The National Geographic channel featured this tree. It bears 40 different types of fruits.

Trees Growing Different Fruits

Fruit Salad Trees can grow in a pot.
You can grow fruit salad trees in a pot.

The farmers used the technique called grafting to grow these fruit salad trees. This agricultural process involves joining together plants of two different parts. The two parts that join together makes trees growing different fruits. It is a popular process in horticulture for growing vegetables and crops.

Horticulture deals with growing garden crops, fruit trees as well as ornamental plants. The word comes from two Latin words. Hortus means garden while colere means to cultivate. So the term literally means to cultivate a garden. It covers all forms of garden management but particularly crop production.

A Family That Grows Fruit Salad Trees

The farm in New South Wales began producing these amazing trees in 1990. It came as answer for the family’s need to supply fruits for their growing children. This farming couple cultivated 2,500 acres of land to grow as much trees as possible. After many years of research, they were able to develop trees growing different fruits in their farm.

The family continues to grow more of these trees in their farm. They also started teaching their children the art of grafting themselves. But these little brats still need to come to the age of ten before they can start using a sharp knife to graft those trees. It won’t be long, though, before they can grow their own tree.

The Art of Grafting

The art of grafting is a powerful to teach our children. Young people should learn to appreciate this art. Learning to grow fruit salad trees no only makes us self-sufficient. It can also help us save the environment.


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