[DID YOU KNOW?] Android, iPhone Lets You Send SMS with Original Filipino Writing System

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The Baybayin SMS app is a product of Filipino pride. This Filipino messaging app is free software that provides a suite of native Filipino characters called Baybayin. It allows you to send and receive messages in the original Filipino language. You can type Baybayin characters on your Android or iOS phone.

This ancient artifact discovered in Monreal, Ticao, Masbate contains  inscriptions of the Filipino native writing system used in the Baybayin SMS mobile keyboard.

MONREAL STONE. Baybayin characters were found etched on the surface of this ancient artifact found by pupils of Rizal Elementary School in Monreal, Ticao Island, Masbate.

Baybayin is an indigenous Filipino writing system in the Philippines. It was used primarily by the Tagalogs before the Spaniards occupied the archipelago. The word literally means “to spell, write and syllabize”. Paul Rodriguez Versoza conceived the name after the arrangement letters in the Arabic alphabet. This Filipino alphabet is commonly known as alibata while Visayans call it kudlit-kabadlit.

Back in the modern world, a certain developer named Christopher Castillo created a suite of characters for the native Filipino in the Android and iOS short messaging systems or SMS. He called it Baybayin SMS. It is a mobile application that allows users to key in Baybayin characters into their text messages. It also gives users links to resources that teach about the basics of the ancient Filipino writing system.

The same developer created another version of the free software specially designed for iPhone users. He called it Baybayin Keyboard and it is available for free download on the iStore. This mobile keyboard compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can use it as an alternate keyboard system for Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Baybayin Keyboard has two different layouts designed according to the person’s level of expertise in the language. Baguhan is for beginner and Dalubhasa is for expert. You can use the Baguhan layout if you are still learning how to write in Baybayin. The Dalubhasa layout is for those who are already well-immersed in the Filipino native writing system.

Express your Filipino pride and send Baybayin SMS to every Filipino in your phone contacts list. Use this free software mobile keyboard on your iOS or Android phone.

The Baybayin Keyboard free software was first released on November 13, 2015. It was published by Christopher Castillo for iOS. It has a humble user rating of 2.5 stars with 12 downloads to date.


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