While Little Miss Muffet sat on her sat on her tuffet, you wonder. How do you make cheese with curds and whey? Well, take a look at these Cheesy Facts we found from the British Cheese Board.

It takes around 10 liters of milk to make hard cheese.

Cheese comes from many different types of milk. In the United Kingdom, most people eat cheese made with cow’s milk. To make cheese, you need to separate lumpy bits of milk with the liquid. You call those lumpy bits curd and use it to make cheese.

You can only eat Cheddar Cheese after one year.

It’s true. Cheddar Cheese took its name from the Cheddar Gorge caves where cheese makers used to store them. They keep the Cheddar Cheese in these caves to ripen. King Henry II declared it the best cheese in Britain. It became the most widely made cheeses in the world.

The oldest cheese in Britain is as old as the Romans.

If you can’t get enough of those Cheesy Facts, here’s one that will surely blow your mind. One of the oldest recorded cheese name in British history, Cheshire Cheese first came out in public documents only in 1580 but a Latin manuscript hailed Cheshire as one of the main dairy region regions in England. The Romans brought the art of making cheese to this British county.

Welsh coal miners ate cheese for lunch.

While most of you simply enjoy cheese as a gourmet delight, the coal miners in Caerphilly fed on this block of moist curd. Because of its moisture, Caerphilly cheese does not easily dry out underground. It also contains the right amount of salt needed for manual workers. With this demand, Caerphilly also became a center for cheese production the United Kingdom.

Cheese can make your bones strong.

If you think eating cheese is unhealthy, then think again. Hard cheese is a great source of calcium. It also provides you with a good dose of vitamin B12 which helps produce red blood cells for your body. So, don’t be afraid to eat much cheese. It’s a healthy snack after all.

Now that you’ve known these Cheesy Facts, would you still not dare to grab some of those cheese delights?


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