Controversial Donald Duck Ban Makes Best Selling Magazine in Finland

They may call it Mickey's Philharmagic, but we all know the real star of the show is Donald. Source: Bob Owen |Flickr

Did you know that Donald Duck was almost banned in Finland? Yes! The happiest country in the world censured one of Disney’s favourite celebrities. Mickey’s bit player almost lost his fame in this free country. The news spread all over town. Finland’s local government banned the Disney comic book magazine because of the duck’s lewd outfit.

Donald Duck was a disputed personality in Finland politics. Some question his influence on young people. Others use him to detract their rivals. They caught attention to the duck’s questionable appearance. They reckon it was suggestive of porn. The gossip spread and naysayers exaggerate the matter. It sparked interest among the country’s leaders.

Cover of the First Issue of Finland best selling magazine, Akku Ankka, published in December 1951.
The first issue of the Akku Ankka was published in December 1, 1951

Markku Holopainen was a legislator in Helsinki at the time this report came about. He called for the cessation of the use of city funds to subscribe to the Akku Ankka comics. When he ran for a parliament seat the following year, his opponent hailed him as “the man who banned Donald Duck from Helsinki”. Holopainen lost this election.

Inflated news spread quickly to a global audience. Donald Duck could not keep his love interest from falling into a hornet’s nest. He gets Daisy Duck involved in his predicament. Another event similar to Holopein’s move added fuel to fire. Everyone thought their love affair and Donald’s dress led to his ban in Finland.

Akku Ankka is the Finnish name for Donald Duck. It has become a popular comic book magazine published by the Sanoma Magazines. The publisher has been circulating every week since its first release in December 1951. It is the most popular weekly publication in Finland.

Holopainen never banned Donald Duck because of his suggestive outfit. He only suggested cutting the city’s budget on the comic book magazine subscription.


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