Obesity places a major health problem in America. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute shows the numbers. More than seventy-eight million Americans are getting fat. It puts them at risk of having heart disease or diabetes. Hence, the grownups need to learn some ways to lose weight.

Fat Man's Back - How can they avoid getting fat?
Why should you avoid getting fat? Many health problems are often linked to obesity.

How do you avoid getting fat? It is all about burning calories. You need to increase the number of calories that you burn. You can chew gum, lower room temperature or drink cold water. Try following these unusual ways to avoid getting fat.

Lower Room Temperature

There are two types of body fat. White fat stores energy in the body. Brown fat keeps the body heated up. Too much white fat can lead to obesity and diabetes. You can avoid getting fat by burning some of these fats.

Studies show that exposing the body to cold temperatures help burn calories. They turn white fat brown. Therefore, lowering your room temperature can help you avoid getting fat.

A Bottle of Cold Water

A glass of water to avoid getting fat
Drinking half liter of cold water everyday helps burn calories fast.

Drinking water is also known to help burn calories among overweight adults and children. Several studies show that you can avoid getting fat by drinking cold water. Drinking 17 ounces (500 ml) of cold water helps the body burn calories. It increases the person’s metabolic rate. T

While cold water may help you burn calories faster, metabolism still varies from one person to another. Drinking cold water to avoid getting fat may not always be effective. Nonetheless, water still is the best drink to relieve thirst.

Chewing Gum

Chew gum to avoid getting fat
Image Credit: iStock/belchonock via NUTRA ingredients-usa.com

Chewing gum does not really help burn calories. Instead, it reduces your calorie intake. Chewing gum makes you lose your appetite. So you get to eat less. Eating less means you having lesser calories to burn.

Some studies, however, show that chewing gum can help speed up a person’s metabolism. People who chew gum after meals burn more calories than those who do not. Researchers suggest that chewing gum for 20 minutes after each meal may increase one’s metabolic rate. You can try this method losing weight but choose a sugar-free gum to keep yourself healthy.

There still are many ways to lose weight. Exercise and a healthy diet are popular ways to avoid getting fat. Exercise helps you burn calories. Eating the right foods helps you get just the right amount of calories. Simply put, the problem of obesity is all about changing one’s lifestyle and eating habits.


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