The weather forecast does not sound good in Manchester. Rain interrupted the match between India and New Zealand last Tuesday. As the two Cricket World Cup 2019 teams battle for their place in the competition, threats of rain showers continues to badger them. The teams look forward to reserve day to resume the fight. But, if rain pesters them again, India takes the advantage.

Rain Rules in ICC World Cup

The International Cricket Council sets the rules of the game for unpleasant weather conditions during the World Cup. According to the standard, play continues on the reserve day if no results come out on the scheduled match day after a rain interruption. It will commence with the same start time and hours as the expected match day.

The reserve day does not restart the interrupted game. Instead, it will continue the match. Hence, it carried any advantage earned by each team on the scheduled match day. If the game is tied, a super over will determine the winner. The team with the higher place moves to the finals.

Baffled Cricket World Cup 2019 Teams

The perennial showers brought frustration among the two competing teams. Even before officials called off the game, the players already started walking off during the 47th over of the New Zealand innings. India, however, held control with a slow wicket.

As the weather forecast continued to spell shower, the relentless rain kept the covers on the field. The deluge went on from two until five in the afternoon. The unpleasant Manchester weather spoiled the game when another spell of drizzle forced the officials to call off the game towards reserve day.

The two teams fight to make it to the finals. But, India keeps the advantage in spite of the notorious weather in Manchester.


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