Did you know that cows provide more milk with their best friend? Yes, cows have best friends. They provide more milk with them in the herd. Separation stresses them. A scientist at North Hampton University discovered this fact.

Krista McLennan studied the behavior of cows while working on her PhD at the said university. She wanted to know how these cows cope with isolation. She believes her findings help in cow’s milk production.

In the study, McLennan confined the cows with their best friend or with another unknown cow. They spent thirty minutes together. The scientist, then, measured the each cow’s heart rate at 15-second intervals. The findings show that cows are very social animals. These cows provide more milk together their best friends.

milking cows provide more milk with best friends

From this research, McLennan learned that can form close bonds with fellow cows in their heard. They choose their own preferred partner and separation stresses them. Their heart rates increases when paired with a random cow. Stress keeps cows from providing more milk.

McLennan, then, encouraged farmers to look out for these cows. She spoke to a number of them and they said they noticed bonds building among their cows. Spending time with friends keeps cattle from stress. A stress-free environment for cows can benefit these farmers.

Modern farming practices often keep cows separated from their best friends. Regrouping brings a high level of stress on these cows. Frequent visits to vets can add to the problem. McLennan pointed out in her study.

Krista McLennan hopes that the dairy industry will take her suggestion seriously. Cattle are a bit like humans. They should be group together with their best friends. Cows provide more milk with their best friends. Another expressed his support. Herd animals get stressed when separated. It is good to keep them together with their best friends.


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