Comedians and funny people are actually more depressed than others


A psychotic personality could be a way to make people laugh. The Oxford University Press released this report on January 17, 2014. Professor Gordon Claridge in the Department of Experimental Psychology led a study on the behaviour of comedians. They had more than five hundred comedians from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia answer a personality questionnaire. From this study, they figured that comedians had a rather unusual personality profile.

“We found that comedians had a rather unusual personality profile, which was rather contradictory,” Prof Claridge says.

“On the one hand, they were rather introverted, depressive, rather schizoid, you might say. And on the other hand, they were rather extroverted and manic.

“That was a rather unusual profile. The actors we compared them with didn’t show that, and this was highly significantly different from the norms on the test.

“Possibly the comedy – the extroverted side – is a way of dealing with the depressive side. Of course, this is not true of all comedians.”


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