Do you ever wonder if you can travel without a visa around the world? Yes, you can. Rappler published in an online article a list of 63 visa-free countries that Filipinos can visit. They included the five Caribbean Islands on this list. This is truly good news for the Filipino traveller.

What is a Visa?

It is a document that allows a person to travel to different countries at a specified date. An Immigration Officer at the Port of Entry may grant or deny a person admission. He also decides the length of time that a person may stay in that country or state. The five Caribbean countries allow Filipinos to travel without a visa.

Many Asian countries now allow Filipinos to travel without a visa. The Philippine government has been working hard to provide visa-free access to more countries for Filipinos. Pretty soon, Filipinos can travel freely across many countries around the world.

Five Caribbean Countries To Travel Without A Visa

Several other countries allow passport holders to travel without a visa. Germany ranks the highest for five consecutive years on this list. They allow visa-free access to 177 countries. Singapore follows with 176 countries. Here is the list of the five Caribbean countries that allow visa-free access to Filipino passport holders.

  • Dominica – Being a mountainous Caribbean Island, Dominica is a great adventure getaway. It houses several natural hot springs and lush rain forests,
  • Haiti – It is probably the most popular of all Caribbean Islands. Although still recovering from the earthquake devastation in 2010, the country offers several exciting historical destinations.
  • St. Lucia – If you’re up to find beauty, romance and adventure, then St. Lucia awaits you. The soothing waves, warm beaches and hospitable people give you the perfect escape from the stress of city life.
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Do you enjoy sailing across seven seas? Then this Southern Caribbean nation is the best place for you. Filled with yacht-filled harbours, you can navigate across its chic private isles and volcanic landscapes.
  • Trinidad and Tobago – This twin-island nation lies near Venezuela. Thus, it displays distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines. You can also enjoy the song of the hummingbirds in its beautiful wildlife sanctuaries.

So, what’s stopping your from booking that trip to the Caribbean? The islands have now opened themselves to more visitors. You can travel without a visa to one of these islands.


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