Ancient Roman Hygiene Practice Uses Pee For Brushing Teeth

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You understand how you utilize toothpaste for brushing teeth day by day and detergent to clean your garments usually? Effectively, the traditional Romans did too. Nonetheless, that’s not excellent news as a result of they didn’t have toothpaste or cleansing detergents again then. This ancient Roman hygiene practice will surely blow your mind.

This is a traditional Roman dental bridge. This is what happens if you stop brushing teeth.
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What did the traditional Romans use for brushing their teeth? They used the very last thing you’d consider. They used their urine!

Since science wasn’t as superior on the peak of the traditional Roman civilisation, Romans did certainly use urine as toothpaste. Not solely this, additionally they used urine as mouthwash. The large query is, why?

The reply is that urine incorporates ammonia. Ammonia is likely one of the greatest naturally occurring cleansing brokers on the planet. In actual fact, it’s ok to be a significant element of plenty of cleansing brokers that we use even right this moment.

Ammonia can also be a pure whitener which signifies that when the traditional Romans used it like toothpaste or mouthwash, they had been enhancing the whiteness of their enamel.

The truth that urine incorporates such a robust cleansing agent meant that the traditional Romans might use it for all kinds of functions. Whereas ammonia in urine might make enamel white, the identical factor was used for cleansing garments too.

Historic Romans had a bent to put on plain white robes or togas which might get soiled pretty usually. In order that they began utilizing urine for cleansing their garments too. The Romans even had a devoted Laundromat which they referred to as the Fullonica.


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