Brain Freeze is a Mistake of the Brain!

brain freeze
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Almost everyone in the world knows about brain freeze,others may call it by a different name .If you’ve ever eaten ice cream then you probably know what ice cream headache is like.

Brain freeze is a shooting pain one may experience when eating something cold really quickly. Anything cold may trigger brain freeze. When you eat something really cold and it touches your mouth’s upper palette long enough to cool it then expect the curse of brain freeze!

Explanation behind Brain Freeze

Brain freeze explanation
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To put it simply, brain freeze is a result of a series of events. It is common for the cold food or drink you are having, touching the upper palette of your mouth. When this happens, the blood vessels,specifically your capillaries in your nasal cavity tighten up.

Because of the sudden constriction of your blood vessels, it tricks your body to think that you’re injured in that specific region of your body. Effectively, your body tries to rush the blood into the area by expanding (dilating) the previously tightened blood vessels.

This very sudden dilation is then received by pain receptors nearby as pain. These receptors send this information to the brain. So, when the brain receives these signals, it thinks that the pain is coming from the head region. This process that creates the shooting pain sensation in your head.

You can feel the shooting pain from brain freeze ranging from seconds or possibly minutes. How frequently you get brain freeze depends entirely on the temperature of the food item you are having, the temperature around you, and even your health.

The science, that causes you to sense pain in a region of your body other than where the actual problem, is called referred pain or reflective pain. Besides brain freeze and heart attacks, there are other body parts which are good examples for being associated with the phenomenon of referred pain.


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