On a dark and dreary day, you sit on your desk facing a blank screen. Gray clouds darken the sky outside. You hear the sound of thunder roaring but the rain didn’t seem to pour. Staring back on that empty screen, the mind wanders. How does one beat a Writer’s Block?

Everyone Gets It

Every writer gets a writer’s block at some point in their lives. In fact, some of them named it in various other ways. Some call it writer’s burnout while others consider it anxiety. Whatever you may call it, it could happen to you.

Five Clever Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

So, how do you overcome a writer’s block? Let’s consider these pretty clever ways to fight that infamous writer’s nemesis. The UCLA English Department Office created this online journal where students and alumni can submit their literary work. They provide writing prompts to help you beat a writer’s block. Look at some of them here.

  • Just Shut Up – Use your creativity to write a story without any dialogue. Develop the plot simply through changing imagery.
  • Multiple Personality Poem – Yes, the Westwind accepts poetry. If you find prose a little bit dull, why not go for a little rhyme and rhythm. Imagine yourself as two different people arguing when you write this poem.
  • Stumped Trump – If you love Donald Trump, then you will definitely love this writing prompt. Well, not really. This prompt invites you to write Trumps reply for a rejection email from the Westwind.
  • For sale: Vegan Food, Never Eaten – Inspired by Hemingway’s famous six-word novel, this writing prompt tells you to write your own using the word “vegan”.
  • A Fanfic Fanfic – While you may think fanfic writers are the best writers, the Westwind thinks otherwise. They say these writers delight in making things awkward. This prompt invites you to avenge the real art of creative writing.

Look to the Westwind

The next time trouble gets to your writing, look to the Westwind. You won’t find Mary Poppins to help you beat this formidable foe but they have writing prompts that will help you beat a writer’s block.


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