Apple wakes you up better than coffee!

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Yes, you heard it right! Apple wakes you up and gets you going better than coffee!

While its true that coffee is best-known to be doing this job popularly than apple, but there is quite an explanation behind it.

Here’s the explanation Why

Apple have long been loved by health conscious and enthusiast. We even went so far to having a saying that “An apple a day keeps keeps the doctor away” indicating the good benefits of Apple. But Apple seems to have more benefits and qualities than meets the eye such as waking you up better than coffee, did you know that?

Theoritically speaking, apple wakes you as nicely as your morning cup of coffee. Yes, as we all know that coffee wakes you up because of its caffeine content that fast-forwards our body processes. Since we are saying that apple does the same job as coffee, does this mean that apple contains a lot of caffeine? And if so, does apple contains more caffeine or less?

How much caffeine does apple contain?

As early as now, We’d like to tell you that apple containing caffeine is a myth! Apple wakes you up in its own different way. Same result but different processes behind it.

Image credit: Science focus

While coffee wakes you up through it kick-ass caffeine content, apple does this through its sugar content. In coffee, you add processed sugar but apple has its own natural sugar.

The sugar you add to your coffee is process making it easier for your body to process and break it down. This means that your body breaks processed sugar quickly, making you get high faster, but in exchange it also crashes you down faster.

On the other hand, apple contains natural sugar which takes way longer to digest. That means you stay in the wake-up state longer than your cup of coffee does. Moreover, coffee uses process processed sugar while apple stick to its natural sugar making it healthier for your body.

Apples have a lot of benefits. Now go to your fridge and grab one!


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